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Partner Brands

If you're looking for a powerful brand to impress your customers then Portion Solutions have the range for you.
Working with well recognised partners such as Canderel, the UK's number 1 recognised sweetener, our range of sachets are used widely across all sectors. In addition we have just launched the Cafe Express range of sachets, perfect for front of house or hotel room trays, delivering a premium Fair Trade, RFA product exclusive to the out of home market.

To find out more about our partner brands, take a look at our product range by clicking on the boxes below. We've created an easy to use search function, enabling you to look at our partner brands and full range of products. If you don't see something that you are looking for please get in touch, we're always looking at new suppliers and innovative ranges.

Did you know that you can also have some of our partner brands personalised with your logo? Ask for details on this service!

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