Passion for Portions

The UK's market leader in portion packing, Portion Solutions are experts in providing innovative, cost-effective portioned goods for a diverse range of industries and businesses.

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Our partner brands are as passionate about quality as we are. Explore their stories and how the products we sell can benefit your business.

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Silver Spoon

Lyons Instant Coffee



Why choose us?

Over 4 decades of industry expertise in delivering innovative portioned goods.

How can we help?

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Our products

Why choose portions?


A hygienic solution

Upgrade your sticky sauce bottles and messy open-top containers to our range of precision-packed portions that protect your customers from contaminated products.

reduce food waste

Avoid food waste

Our portions cut down on waste due to their appropriate sizing, long shelf lives and reusability in the event of non-consumption.


Convenience for all

Easy handling for your staff, perfectly portioned goods for your customers. A reliable and flexible solution.


Product Information

Each portion displays all the essential product details and ingredients on the packaging, safeguarding you and your customers from misinformation.

Brands we work with


Portion Solutions have been our invaluable co-packing partner for over ten years. Their commitment and expertise have played a pivotal role in doubling our business during this time.

They consistently adopt a collaborative approach to address the challenges that arise.

We are exceedingly satisfied with the excellent level of service and clear communication that Portion Solutions provides.

We would recommend them to other businesses seeking reliable and professional co-packing services.


Enjoy working with Portion Solutions, responsive to our needs and excellent account management. 

Silver Spoon

Silver spoon sugar portions from portion solutions resting on the edge of a cup and saucer of coffee