Lotus Biscoff have been delighting people since 1932 with the most famous caramelised biscuits in the world, made fresh in Belgium. With their unique delicious caramelised taste and crunchy bite, they're an irresistible treat to enjoy on any occasion. Lotus biscuits are vegan friendly, made with RSPO certified palm oil and have no colours, added flavours or preservatives.

Delight your customers with the unique taste of Biscoff

Lotus Biscoff have been crafting their signature caramelised biscuits, freshly baked in Belgium, since 1932. Distinctive, sweet and delicious, Lotus biscuits are the perfect accompaniment to serve with coffee due to their naturally complimentary flavour profiles. So much so that the Biscoff name is in fact a combination of ‘biscuit’ and ‘coffee’!

Lotus Biscoff is a unique biscuit

Lotus’ unique caramelised taste is loved all over the world, whilst packing a surprisingly crunchy bite and distinctive flavour profile.

Made from natural ingredients

Lotus biscuits are vegan-friendly and made with RSPO certified palm oil. They have no colours or added flavours, and no preservatives.

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