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Silver Spoon

Silver Spoon is the No 1 sugar brand in the UK and have been proudly producing high-quality sugars and sweeteners for over 50 years.

Spoonful’s of Joy for your cuppas and cakes

Silver Spoon are the UK’s leading sugar brand and a staple sight in pantries and kitchens across the nation. Our range of both portioned and bulk Silver Spoon sugar products offers the perfect front and back-of-house solution for your business, helping take the fuss out of food service. Make life taste a little sweeter, with Silver Spoon.

Carefully sourced from field to spoon

Silver Spoon is proud to work closely with and support British Farmers, ensuring all of the sugar beet used in their products is grown right here in English soils and is Red Tractor assured. It’s through this thriving partnership that the brand is consistently able to deliver superior-quality sugar all whilst supporting the livelihoods of farmers across the nation.

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We value our partners, and aim to consistently deliver them exceptional service and quality every time. Portion Solutions have been working closely with Silver Spoon for many years, and feel we have developed quite the team. Check out what they had to say about us!

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