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Canderel is the easiest swap if you want to reduce your calorie intake from sugar without compromising on the delicious sweet taste you love.

Taste the fantastic with Canderel

Canderel is the UK’s favourite sweetener brand and has been offering delicious low-calorie sugar alternatives for over 40 years. Ever since launching in France, Canderel has been a consumer hit, creating convenient and great-tasting products that help customers cut down on sugar intake without sacrificing on taste.

Sweeten your drinks with Canderel Original

The classic Canderel line made from Aspartame, Canderel Original is the sweetener you know and trust that adds the perfect boost of sweetness to your teas and coffees. Each individual serving provides the same sweetness as a teaspoon of sugar but with fewer calories.

Canderel Sucralose, perfect for baking

Canderel Sucralose is tasty, versatile and perfect for all occasions, but did you know it’s also the best sugar swap when it comes to baking? This makes it the go-to choice for creating delightfully light and fluffy cakes at a fraction of the calories, whilst still maintaining that same sweet taste.

The complete sweetening solution

Portion Solutions offers Canderel in a range of formats, including individual sticks and sachets as well as bulk variants, forming the complete front and back-of-house sweetening solution. Explore our range below.

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